Ambidextrous August Contest

TL;DR: Shave with your non-dominant hand and be eligible for prizes.

Here's what's on the line:

Week 1 - ends August 7, 2022

  • CAD$30 gift card to our store
  • CAD$30 gift card to our store

Week 2 - ends August 14, 2022

  • Zingari Man Explorer shave soap and balm set
  • CAD$30 gift card to our store
  • CAD$30 gift card to our store

Week 3 - ends August 21, 2022

  • Karve Bison Bison Bison 24mm synthetic shave brush
  • CAD$30 gift card to our store
  • CAD$30 gift card to our store

Week 4 - ends August 28, 2022

  • Barrister & Mann Electric Mayhem soap and balm set
  • Karve Razor Armor travel case
  • CAD$30 gift card to our store
  • CAD$30 gift card to our store

Grand prize - ends August 31, 2022

  • Teton Shaves "The Southpaw" shave brush
  • Tallow + Steel x Karve Morning Coffee in the Canadian Wilderness soap and splash set
  • Karve The Overlander safety razor in aluminum with a red plate

How to enter

Shave as you normally would, but use your non-dominant hand for anything that you would normally do with your dominant hand. Loading the blade, lathering, shaving, post-shave...anything you can do to force your brain to map new neural pathways.

Post your shave of the day (SOTD) picture to your Instagram feed featuring one of our products.

Tag your post with @karveshavingco and #KarveAmbidextrousAugust


Why?  To explore a part of wetshaving you've probably never explored...aka trying new things for fun.  And that non-dominant hand may come in handy.  There are times when switching hands is preferred during a wetshave.  That goes double if you want to use a straight razor.

Is shaving with my non-dominant hand really that difficult?  Probably.  You're wired to do things the way you do them because you learned.  If switching hands while shaving is not something you've done before, it's going to take time.

Got any tips?  Start slow and don't expect mastery right away.  Be proud of your wins, even the little ones.  Let it feel awkward.  Learn from your mistakes...if something didn't work one day, start actively working to improve it.

What gear can I use?  Pretty much anything.  First use or old gear, beginner or master, safety razor or straight, borrowed or stolen*…it doesn’t matter. Just use that non-dominant hand of yours.

How will you know if I don't use my non-dominant hand?  I won't.  We're on the honor system here.  But this whole contest is based on the objective of improving your wetshaving skills beyond where they currently are.  As an engineering professor once told my class: "If you cheat, people will die." This is wetshaving and it's just as serious.  Seriously though, if you cheat, you'll be the one missing out in the end.

What if I don't have a non-dominant hand? Or if I already use it?  If you're a wetshaver with one hand or no hands, please participate. I think the community would love to hear about your own challenges; I know I certainly would.


  • One entry per day.
  • Prizes for each weekly will be drawn from entries from that week (based on Monday 00:00 MST to Sunday 23:59 MST).
  • The grand prize will be drawn from all entries received throughout the month of August.

* This is tongue-in-cheek.  I'm not advocating stealing.  We're a community...ask nicely to borrow the gear and give it back better than you received it.