Black Friday 2022

Happy Birthday to Karve!

You may not know this, but Karve Shaving Co. got its official start on Black Friday back in 2017!  That means that we’re 5 years old! 

Anyone else remember this pic? That's the first production CB ever, hanging out at Deer Lake in British Columbia

We started with a very small pre-order of brass Christopher Bradley safety razors. At the time, we offered 3” and 4” handles and only 5 plates (SB-AA through D).

Technically, the first Karve product was a walnut brush that I made for my dad's birthday about a year earlier, but we didn't sell any brushes until after the Christopher Bradley was released.

Anyways, right after the pre-order opened, one of our customers wisely suggested we also add 3.5” handles.  His idea gained traction online, which lead to the addition of the 3.5” handle almost immediately.

We also had our first show that same weekend. Our first razor was put into the hands of an Edmontonian at the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair!  Bison!

We’ve added a lot of products since then, but one thing has remained constant.  We believe that our products should reflect our passion in wetshaving and shall only ever be made to the highest level of quality.

We're also very thankful for all of the support we've had over these past 5 years.  Without our customers and the wetshaving community, Karve Shaving Co. would not have been able to survive.  Thank you so much!

For Black Friday this year, we built  up inventory of a few of our existing products, developed a couple of new ones, and dug into the vault.

Here's an overview of the items that have been added to our store.

Click on the pictures to be taken to the listings.

The Overlander Razors

We have more brass and aluminum Overlander razors and stands ready, as well as another small batch of copper.

We’ve also made our first batch of bronze razors ever in the Overlander.  There's a small batch available today and we will be making more in the future.

We also have a limited amount of all 5 handle lengths in brass and we’ve the 4” handle in aluminum (currently only available as full razors).

Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Stainless

G Series Handles

I started wetshaving with a Fat Handle Tech that was gifted to me in 2016.  I remember my first shave well…the Tech loaded with a Feather blade and some Williams soap...despite a couple of weepers, it was the best shave I'd ever had!  I put my cartridge razor into the drawer that day and haven’t reached for it since.  My Tech, on the other hand, still gets used regularly and will be a razor I'll cherish forever.

Our new G Series handles are an homage to the roots of all modern safety razors.

From left to right, we have the G-Tech (inspired by the Fat Handle Tech), the G-New (inspired by the New Long Comb), and the G-Orb (inspired by the ball end handle).

Please note, these three handles are currently only available in their traditional lengths, which is on the shorter end of the spectrum.  We'll likely add longer lengths in the future if the interest is there.

Blue CB plates

We teased blue aluminum plates a few months back, but sat on them because we couldn’t get consistent color.  Well, we figured it out...and the blue looks great!

Open Comb and solid bar plates will be available for the Christopher Bradley.

Please note, these blue plates have a slightly different color than the blue Knopf Pommel handles (the plates are a sapphire blue whereas the pommels are closer to a midnight blue).

This is related to the differences in raw materials and is unfortunately unavoidable.  If you're looking to match a blue Knopf Pommel handle to a new blue plate, please hold off for now.  We are making handles already and they will match in the future.

PEEK Razors

For April Fools in 2019, we made a small batch of Christopher Bradley razors out of PEEK plastic as collectibles.  We sold some of the batch at the time, largely due to it being perceived as a prank, and the rest of them sat in storage.

The remaining razors will be sold as pre-configured razors because we simply don't have the parts for more than a few configurations.  The original batch in 2019 was limited to 36 razors and we'll be honoring that.

On Demand Orders

In the past, we stockpiled inventory to stay ahead of demand.  Unfortunately, there is now a need for us to change our production workflow to better target our manufacturing efforts.  We'll be adding product listings that will be scheduled into our queue as they are ordered, as well as maintaining listings for finished product.

For more information, please check here.

Combined shipping

If you see something that you like and you’re worried that it might sell out before you get your entire order together, please feel free to order your items individually.

During fulfillment, we check each order to see if you have multiple open orders in our system.  If you do, we’re more than happy to combine them and refund the difference in shipping.