Bison Bison Bison Shaving Brush

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Did you know that the proper name for a Plains Bison is Bison Bison Bison? Of course you did (thank you, grade 7 social studies).

These brushes were made for the 2021 Spring Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair and Bison Bison Bison seems like the perfect name.  So Bison Bison Bison it is.

Can I say Bison some more?


Each colorway is named after something Albertan (from left to right):

  • Midnite at Elk Island - Ever been stargazing in a Dark Sky Preserve? No? You should.  There are 5 in Alberta!
  • Canola - Next time you drive highway 2, take the secondary highway instead.  At the right time of year, the golden seas go on forever.
  • Minnewanka - Deep and blue.  It's actually bad form to visit Banff without swinging by Lake Minnewanka.  And the thrill of driving on that tight 2 lane roadway on top of the dam!
  • Key Lime - Every Albertan's second favorite pie.  Fortunately, we have some very gifted pie makers here.
  • Snow Day - Snow and cold.  With a bit of unseasonably warm weather thrown in to keep you guessing.  We all complain about it, but deep down you know winter isn't winter if it isn't above zero, followed by -40 for a couple of days.

The knots might be synthetic, but they perform.  They are easy to load, hold plenty of soap, and make lather quickly.  The individual bristles are stiff enough to also provide an exfoliating effect on the skin.

The handles are constructed from solid acrylic.  After turning, they are polished to give them a gleaming shine.  The flat bottom is engraved and allows the brush to stand on its own.

Brush specs:

  • Knot type - Tuxedo Synthetic
  • Knot diameter - 24mm
  • Knot loft - 50mm
  • Handle length - 60mm
  • Overall length - 110mm
  • Brush weight - 94g

Made in Canada. Bison.