Christopher Bradley Razor - PEEK

Karve Shaving Co.

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Reaching into the Karve vault!!!

For April Fools in 2019, we made a batch of razors out of high-performance plastic.  They were only available for a day, so naturally, some of the original batch went unsold.

The configurations are set and if one becomes sold, that's it.  The razors in this listing are the remainder of that batch and we won't be making more.

Other than the raw material, the PEEK Christopher Bradley is identical to the brass Christopher Bradley.

This PEEK razor is intended as a collector’s item – it’s not going to make a good daily razor.  This razor does shave well, but unfortunately, plastic is nowhere near as strong as metal and will fatigue over time.  Daily use will accelerate the wear.

Although PEEK exhibits excellent sliding properties, a bit of petroleum jelly oil is suggested for the handle threads.

The future is plastics...and the future is now!!!

For a limited time, the Christopher Bradley razor is available manufactured from PEEK plastic, in all its glory!  The same geometry you love, without the weight of brass!

So what is PEEK, you ask? Nothing short of a marvel of modern material science!  PEEK, or polyether ether ketone, is a high performance thermoplastic with excellent mechanical properties and chemical compatibility.  And those outstanding properties remain consistent above 100°C.

PEEK’s density comes in at a scant 0.047 gram/cm³ or one-sixth that of brass!  This razor truly feels like shaving with air!

As with all uncoated PEEK items, the razor’s surfaces will remain unchanged for decades to come…no more patina!

The razor is complete and only requires a blade to be ready to use.  Unfortunately, material science has not yet progressed far enough to permit a plastic blade to replace the metal day…

Handles employ a #10-32 thread.  Includes a Razor Armor case.

15g x 83mm long / 16g x 91mm long

100% Made in Canada