Nutmeg Shaving Brush

Karve Shaving Co.

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Badger hair is widely regarded as a premium and luxurious bristle media for shaving.  Its backbone is stiff, yet resilient, which allows it whip any shaving soap into fine lather with little effort.  The bristles also provide an exfoliating effect on the skin.

The handle is constructed from brown laminated American birch.  After turning, it is hand sanded and coated with polyurethane to ensure the wood is sealed.

The end of the handle is capped with an aluminum foot which provides a flat surface for the brush to stand on.  The foot is anodized for long term corrosion resistance and contains an engraved logo.

Brush specs:

  • Knot type - Two-Band Badger
  • Knot diameter - Ø20mm
  • Knot loft - 50mm
  • Handle length - 80mm
  • Overall length - 130mm
  • Brush weight: 60g

Made in Canada