Stainless Steel Razor Stand

Stainless Steel Razor Stand

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Your Christopher Bradley razor now has an elegant inkwell stand to keep it safe and on display!

Similar to the pattern on the handle of the razor, the pattern on the outside of the stand is inspired by the guilloche technique commonly used in watch making.

The integral, central plastic sleeve prevents any metal to metal contact and eliminates all potential for damage to your razor.  The hole in the center of the sleeve allows water to flow away from the razor.

The body of the stand is constructed from solid 303 stainless steel and is bead blasted for a subtle matte finish.  After bead blasting, the body is passivated to ensure that the finish remains unchanged for a long time.  Read more about passivation here.

Overall size is approximately Ø30mm x 30mm tall and it weighs 98g.  The inside diameter of the stand is Ø12.3mm, which is ideal for a 12mm handle.

100% Made in Canada