Tallow + Steel Morning Coffee Shaving Soap

Tallow + Steel

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Introducing 'Morning Coffee in the Canadian Wilderness'

Developed in collaboration with our good friends at Tallow and Steel.

The scent of this set is quite simple but powerful in its execution. It opens with strong notes of coffee but dries down with the coniferous aroma of the surrounding sub-alpine forest.

Imagine yourself waking up at daybreak, fresh from a great rest in the wilderness, in the tent you pitched the night before.

As you emerge, the sun peeking over the nearby mountain hits you in the face with warmth and the fresh morning air has just the right amount of bite.  You are captive…taking in all you can of the majestic vista.

After a few minutes, your focus soon turns to a fresh cup of coffee.  The ritual of gathering kindling, building a fire, and brewing fills the air with a wonderful aroma.

That first sip is going to have to wait until you find the perfect log to sit.  Finally...your attention turns back to nature all around you.  As you sip your coffee, you realize there’s no place you’d rather be.

Size: 85 g / 3 oz

Made in Canada by Tallow + Steel

Scent profile: Coffee 44% | Cedarwood 40%| Douglas Fir 9% | Birch 3% | Castoreum 2% | Vanilla 2%

Tallow + Steel shave soaps are handmade using the highest quality organic ingredients, including tallow - which we render in-house from local, pasture-raised suet. Our shave soaps are easy to lather using all types of shaving brushes. Plenty of water is required when lathering to achieve optimal cushion and slickness - apply the lather to a wet face for best results.