Status Tags Explained

Karve Shaving Co. is a small business. Every razor we sell is manufactured entirely in-house, by us, on our own equipment.

Due to the large number of options we offer, all of our razors are currently made to order.

There will be lead time between when you place your order and when it ships. Lead time allows us to create a production schedule with an efficient workflow.

Check here for our current order fulfillment lead times.

We will not hold on to your order beyond completion. Once your order is ready, we will ship it. Our goal is to ship your order as soon as possible.

Each item is categorized as follows:


These items are completely finished and are ready to ship. Examples include our brushes or items that are manufactured by other vendors, such as shave soap.

When one of these items becomes sold out, you won’t be able to purchase it until we add more to that same listing.


These items will be added to our manufacturing queue when you place your order. Shipping will commence once all of the items in your order are ready.

Please note, you will be billed at the time of purchase.  This is effectively a pre-order system, so if you don’t want to take part in a pre-order, please do not purchase these items.


These are items that we regularly manufacture, but have experienced a disruption. The two reasons for us to use this tag are that either our queue is too full OR we don’t have the raw materials to make more of a particular item.

Please note, if you placed an order for an item that becomes tagged with PAUSED, your item is not affected and will still be manfuactured.  In the unlikely event that we are unable to make your item, we will refund your item.

  WAITLIST     (coming soon)

In the near future, we'll be offering a limited waitlist for razors. These razors will be placed into our manufacturing queue when you place your order, but we won't collect payment until your razor is ready to ship.

Please note, although we will do our best to move waitlist razors through our queue, they will take a lower priority to made to order items.

If you have any questions or concerns about this system, please do not hesitate to contact us.