Status Tags Explained

Karve Shaving Co. is a small business.  Every razor we sell is manufactured entirely in-house by us on our own equipment. 

In the past, we stockpiled inventory to stay ahead of demand.  Unfortunately, there is now a need for us to change our production workflow to better target our efforts.  Not only do we have more options than ever, costs have been rising and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to maintain the same levels of inventory that we used to across our entire product line.

You may have noticed that some of our product listings contain one of the three following tags to indicate manufacturing status:


Any item that is marked with READY is either completely finished or is waiting for it’s final manufacturing step, such as blasting or anodizing.

Once a READY item becomes sold out, you won’t be able to purchase from that listing until we make more and add it to that same listing.  As before, you can sign up to be notified when inventory is added to the listing.

Generally, lead time is approximately 1 week.


Some listings contain an ON DEMAND tag. When you purchase an item through one of these listings, your order will be placed into our manufacturing queue.  

All items with an ON DEMAND tag are items that we regularly manufacture, but we are simply out of them and need time to make more.  We monitor our inventory levels, so there is a very good chance that anything with an ON DEMAND tag is already scheduled for production.  We usually batch similar items together, so please expect some lead time.

We will also use an ON DEMAND tag for items that are better suited for manufacturing as they are ordered instead of keeping inventory on hand.

Generally, we are looking at about a 2 to 3 week delay, depending on the item.

Please note, you will be billed at the time of purchase.  The ON DEMAND system is effectively a pre-order system, so if you don’t want to take part in a pre-order, please do not purchase an ON DEMAND item.


The ON DEMAND tag may get replaced with a PAUSED tag, which means that we are not planning to make more of this item in the immediate future.  The two reasons for us to use a PAUSED tag are that we are either busy catching up with our existing orders OR we don’t have the raw materials to make more.

Please note, if you placed an order for an ON DEMAND item that becomes PAUSED, your item is not affected and will still be manfuactured.  If we are unable to make your item, we will refund your item.

If you have any questions or concerns about this system, please do not hesitate to contact us.