Every razor we make is made by us with care and from the best materials on Earth for exceptional performance and a long service life.

Our quality assurance policy is strict and is implemented throughout our manufacturing process, so manufacturing defects are rare.  However, mistakes happen and if you discover an issue that you think is a manufacturing defect, please contact us immediately.  If we agree, we’ll dispatch the replacement items, free-of-charge.  

We may ask that you ship the affected items back to us for investigation into the root cause.  In that event, we would provide you with a prepaid return label.

This warranty is limited to product materials and construction under responsible use by the item's original owner.

Damage and defects due to accidental or intentional misuse are not covered, including damage and defects caused by dropping, wear and tear, abuse, neglect, unlubricated threads, overtightened threads, poorly fitting blades, exposure to harsh chemicals (including acidic cleaners, caustic cleaners, or salt), exposure to extreme elements (including humidity, heat, or UV), modification, use with unofficial parts, or use with unsanctioned parts.

If you purchased your item from one of our retail partners, there are a couple of additional terms that apply to you:

  • You must be able to provide a copy of your receipt from the retailer for your order of the item in question.  Without a receipt, the item will not be eligible for the warranty coverage.
  • Our warranty policy does not apply to any items that were purchased from unofficial sources, such as Amazon, eBay, a friend, a buy/sell/trade (BST) transaction, raffles, etc.
  • Shipping fees may apply.