Made To Order

August 05, 2023

Looking around our store, you’ve likely noticed that all of our razors are now tagged with   MADE TO ORDER  

“Made to order” means that your razor will be added to our manufacturing queue when your order is received.  Once all manufacturing is complete and your razor passes its final inspection, it will ship.

We’ve applied a blanket lead time to all of our orders (the chart is here).

We selected the lead time to be long enough for us to group your razor into meaningful batches for manufacturing, with a buffer and without requiring extraordinary efforts.  

If your razor is finished before the lead time is up, we’ll ship it.

If it looks like your razor is going to be late, we’ll have room to make it a priority and get it out on time.

When we try to get everything out as soon as possible, it creates unnecessary urgency that we’re not capable of managing.  There are now over 300 different components that make up our various razors.  It’s common for every razor in our queue to be missing at least one component.  The urgency quickly affects all production workflow and we are no longer efficient.

The primary goal of "made to order" across the board is to create structure in our workflow, which will lead to improved efficiency, which will lead to increased production.  Over time, lead times will go down.

So yes, your razor will take time to ship.  That’s something we can’t avoid in order to improve.

In exchange, your razor will be the best razor we can make and there won’t be any compromises.

Thank you so much for your support.

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