The Overlander Safety Razor - Bronze

Karve Shaving Co.

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Introducing the Overlander.

A brand new razor with roots in what we learned from the Christopher Bradley and from the feedback gathered from our fine customers.

The Overlander is designed to be comfortable across a wide variety of conditions.  It's great for daily shaves and with multiple days of growth.  At home in your den, on a business trip, or at the cabin, the Overlander is there when you need it.

Like with the CB before it, the Overlander is intuitive to use. It's on the more efficient side of the spectrum, but not overly so.  A moderate amount of blade exposure is combined with head geometry that won't punish you if you don't get the shaving angle quite right.

The blade is clamped securely, so blade chatter is minimized and the shave stays smooth.

Against the grain on the first pass, intentionally or not, is possible without getting nicked. It's a great feature for head-shaving, for when you're in a hurry, or if your beard doesn't grow straight and mapping it accurately is difficult.

Shave angle comes up a lot when discussing the CB. Many of our fans like the CB just the way it is, but a number of wetshavers prefer a more traditional shave angle. The Overlander runs closer to the nominal 30° and doesn't ride the cap the same way that the CB does.

The large passages on the underside of the plate make it easy to dump shaving swarf.

The Overlander is designed around one plate and one handle.  The blade tabs are covered.

The razor is manufactured with solid C954 bronze and every component is bead blasted to provide a subtle matte finish.  The bronze is uncoated, so a patina will form over time and the surfaces will darken.

The razor is complete and only requires a blade to be ready to use. 

  • Overall length - 98mm (3.85")
  • Handle length - 90mm (3.55")
  • Handle thread - #10-32
  • Blade gap - 0.73mm
  • Blade exposure - 0.07mm
  • Mass - 98 grams (lighter than brass)

100% Made in Canada