SB Plate

Karve Shaving Co.

The Christopher Bradley razor employs interchangeable plates to adjust its aggressiveness.

These are the same solid bar (SB) plates that come with the Christopher Bradley Razor. 

The levels range from AA (the least aggressive) to G (the most aggressive).

Click here for a chart describing the different levels and here for the open comb (OC) plates.

The underside of each plate is permanently engraved with its level, which is visible when the razor is completely assembled. 

All plates are manufactured with solid metal construction and are bead blasted to provide a subtle matte finish.

The aluminum plate is then anodized to add color and a long-lasting coating.  Please head over to our Aluminum Waitlist to purchase this item.

The brass plate remains uncoated, so a patina will form over time and the surfaces will darken.

The stainless steel plate is then passivated to ensure that every surface of the component is free of impurities and that the corrosion resistance is as high as possible.

100% Made in Canada