The Bison Safety Razor

Karve Shaving Co.

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Enter the Bison.

A razor built with the same exacting quality that you've come to expect from us, but developed with budget in mind.

The Bison was designed from the ground-up to favor more stable manufacturing processes and to reduce the amount of manual skilled work done by human hands.

Shave performance is excellent and although it feels milder, the Bison still offers good efficiency.  The shave angle is close to the traditional 30° angle common with vintage razors.

The Bison cap is our lowest profile cap to date and the blade tabs are completely enclosed. The exaggerated shave plane surrounding the blade makes finding the shaving angle straightforward. Each cap is serialized.

The eight large passages on the underside of the plate make it easy to dump shaving swarf.

The Bison handle fits all of our existing stands and the CB and Overlander heads.

The Bison head is designed around one plate. CB and Overlander plates are not compatible with the Bison.

At this time, the Bison razor is only available as a complete razor.

The entire razor is constructed from solid aluminum and is bead blasted for a subtle matte finish. All parts are then anodized to add color and a long lasting coating.

The razor is complete and only requires a blade to be ready to use. Select the blades option if you'd like your razor to include a 5 pack of blades.

  • Overall length - 96.5mm (3.8")
  • Handle length - 89 mm (3.5")
  • Handle thread - #10-32
  • Blade gap - 0.71 mm
  • Blade exposure - 0.06 mm
  • Mass - 33.5 grams

100% Made in Canada