Athabee Shaving Brush

Karve Shaving Co.

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24mm | clear handle | Tuxedo knot | installed

The Athabee shaving brush is named after Mount Athabasca in Jasper National Park, at the eastern end of the Columbia Icefield.  While not the highest peak in Alberta, Mount Athabasca still has quite a presence.

Athabee is local slang.

These all-metal brushes are designed with soft edges around and an integral coin.  The handle is hollowed out to offer a better center of mass.

There are 4 choices of knots (shown in the second picture):

  • Super badger (green handle)
  • Blonde synthetic (orange handle)
  • G5C synthetic (red handle)
  • Tuxedo synthetic (clear handle)

Unless otherwise requested, all knots are set to 15mm deep with high-strength epoxy.

Handles purchased without a knot or without the knot installed will be shipped with a set of spacers to permit you to adjust the loft height.

24mm handles are furnished with a Ø25mm bore x 17.5mm deep.

26mm handles are furnished with a Ø27mm bore x 17.5mm deep.

This handle is manufactured from solid aluminum and left smooth.  All surfaces are then anodized to add color and a long lasting coating.

Specifications for 24mm handles:

  • Mass (empty): 103 grams
  • Mass (with G5C knot): 135 grams
  • Diameter of handle: 36 mm
  • Height of handle: 57 mm

Specifications for 26mm handles:

  • Mass (empty): 117 grams
  • Mass (with G5C knot): 152 grams
  • Diameter of handle: 38 mm
  • Height of handle: 57 mm

100% Made in Canada